12:06 AM

what FUN!

Somehow I completely screwed up my entire blog just by changing the layout. Must have accidentally hit new template, lost all the stuff I had on my background...had to go to the help forum and get help to get me back where I am now. Yeesh. Now I am missing all my gadgets as I had to delete them. I am just not so cool on all this blog stuff. Hopefully I am learning. So if you are someone that follows my blogs...you kick-ass! But if you don't see yourself on my gadgets...it's because I am still working on them. Thanks for your patience. It means the world to me.

I gotta hit the hay.

Oh, and Dee (Dawn) Schiller made my year. She also kicks ass and on top of that...she IS all that and a can of Pringles. Just sayin'.