4:29 PM

aha, I have been reminded!!

A little while ago I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and I believe it was Wendie Hurrell that said I needed to post some of my older sculpts on my blog so I could share them with my readers (said while welcoming me to the blog world on her blog page, thank you for that as well...very kind of you!!). So that's exactly what I am going to do. Thanks Wendie!!  (All have been sold except the magnets and those won't be for sale until after the middle of this November :) ) Please excuse any mess on my desk...back then I was more practicing then anything and wasn't too concerned with [pictures like I am now. And I am a right brained artist after all!! ;)

 Fast Eddie...with no clothes...for some reason I can't find any pics of him clothed!
 Brother and Sister Commissioned sculpt
 My Inner Demon. Not for sale.
 Grumpy old man magnet.
 SMILE magnet
 I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this poor uggo....
 Hippie dude magnet....chillaxin'! (with bad comb over!)
 Blueberry Kisses....not available
 Old Gypsy Lady.....sold.
 Awahili the hula girl....commissioned
Daisy the Elf Bride....Mascot for Tawnis Moon....now known as One Crazy Betty!!

4:34 PM

Movie Time- The Dark Tower series.

The dork in me was thinking about who should play who in the new Dark Tower movie series that's in the planning stages right now. This is by far my favorite series of books...and one I plan on reading again soon. The fan of the series are Die-Hards....I've not met one person yet that thought it was just a "meh" series. I  have met a few that didn't like it so much...but whatever it. wasn't for them.

So I called up another die-hard friend and we put our heads together on what the characters looked like to us while we were reading. To me...Roland was always an older man. Unless they were talking about his younger years of course. We are stuck on a few characters and would like to hear suggestions from other people on who they think would be good for the parts. So far this is what we have.

Roland Deschain: Sam Elliot.

blue contacts...and we're set.

Eddie Dean: Jim Caveiziel

Suzannah: Sophie Okonedo

Susan Delgado: we have 2 nominations< Dakota Fanning and Alison

Sheemie: Michael Marisi Ornstein

Cort: Mickey Rourke

The Crimson King: Christopher Walken...........OH DISCORDIA!!!

Still looking for ideas on Jake (he is the hardest one to even think about right now....) Cuthbert and Alain, The Head Hunters....Randall Flagg... Callahan, Ted of course should be played by Anthony Hopkins again as he was in Hearts of Atlantis. It has the makings of an all star cast....I wish they would do them all in movies...and no tv shows....keep them epic like LOTR!!! I am so happy that Ron Howard is on board to direct....that right there proves that its going to be stellar....hopefully as much as the books!