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many projects in the works

I think everyone knows that I usually have at least 3 things or more in the works at one time. I believe a lot of artists do this so keep themselves occupied and out of the boredom territory. ((boredom with an object for me leads to horrible cases of self doubt and long periods of not being able to create at all)) thank goodness that is not the case right now.

I have an idea. I want to create the Fibro doll. The one that says it all for me on how it makes me feel at my worst. I think a lot of people will relate with it and maybe i will sell it on etsy. Normally I won't sell dolls that I put that much feeling into and I am going to hold back on putting any of my "juju" in it. But I think it might help other fibro-mites out there to know they are not alone in how they feel. I am hoping to add a little steam punk here as its my first attempt with that whole Steam punk thing but I think it will only add to the doll. I need to find some cogs and wheels. hehe....that's all I am telling for now. ya all keep safe. Blessings to you all.

12:53 AM

Busy Busy Busy!

It's that time of year when everyone is looking for fun little things for holiday presents. I did just get done with the art show I had. Unfortunately there was not a very good turn out this year and I didn't get any post worthy pics but I did well despite it all. So I will not share anything in that way but I will share some of the pretties and some of the fun pagan supplies I have made.

Here is a picture of some of the pods I made, which are so much fun...and they sure put a smile on my face, I hope they do for others too. ((not all of these are available for sale as they are sold already))

And then I have some sage supplies that I have made up for cleansing and purifying as well as a great smelling potpourri that's available on my etsy page. ((the link to the etsy is at the side of my blog here!))

 JUMBO smudge sticks!!!
 Medium sized smudge sticks!!
 regular sized (small) smudge sticks!!
and the best  smelling potpourri I have ever made that is wonderful for all sorts of issues!! Please be sure to check it out at the etsy page!

And besides all of this, I have been working on the cutest little commission for a wonderful young lady's Christmas present as well as being hired for another commission AND....I am trying like heck to get my KISS repaints done to keep me going during lulls so I don't lose my gumption. ((And to get them SOLD!!))

Oh....and I don't think I have done an update since Halloween so I might as well toss in some pictures of my Halloween costume as it was SO MUCH fun to do and no one really wanted to look at me at the party. Heheee!! Guess it was effective!!! Hope all my pagan friends had a great Samhain and everyone else enjoyed Halloween....I sure did! Brutus (my schnauzer) hopes so too!!!

8:11 PM

Hangers in the making.

Still trying to get ready for the local art show that will be in November and instead of trying to make a bunch of dolls I am doing my best at trying to make smaller cash items as sometimes there can be sticker shock on the dolls (no one ever understands how much time and labor goes into those!~!)

So here are my hangers I have made. Guess I better get on some ornament type things too as it will be after Halloween and before Christmas. Anyhow...hope you enjoy!

4:29 PM

aha, I have been reminded!!

A little while ago I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and I believe it was Wendie Hurrell that said I needed to post some of my older sculpts on my blog so I could share them with my readers (said while welcoming me to the blog world on her blog page, thank you for that as well...very kind of you!!). So that's exactly what I am going to do. Thanks Wendie!!  (All have been sold except the magnets and those won't be for sale until after the middle of this November :) ) Please excuse any mess on my desk...back then I was more practicing then anything and wasn't too concerned with [pictures like I am now. And I am a right brained artist after all!! ;)

 Fast Eddie...with no clothes...for some reason I can't find any pics of him clothed!
 Brother and Sister Commissioned sculpt
 My Inner Demon. Not for sale.
 Grumpy old man magnet.
 SMILE magnet
 I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this poor uggo....
 Hippie dude magnet....chillaxin'! (with bad comb over!)
 Blueberry Kisses....not available
 Old Gypsy Lady.....sold.
 Awahili the hula girl....commissioned
Daisy the Elf Bride....Mascot for Tawnis Moon....now known as One Crazy Betty!!

4:34 PM

Movie Time- The Dark Tower series.

The dork in me was thinking about who should play who in the new Dark Tower movie series that's in the planning stages right now. This is by far my favorite series of books...and one I plan on reading again soon. The fan of the series are Die-Hards....I've not met one person yet that thought it was just a "meh" series. I  have met a few that didn't like it so much...but whatever it. wasn't for them.

So I called up another die-hard friend and we put our heads together on what the characters looked like to us while we were reading. To me...Roland was always an older man. Unless they were talking about his younger years of course. We are stuck on a few characters and would like to hear suggestions from other people on who they think would be good for the parts. So far this is what we have.

Roland Deschain: Sam Elliot.

blue contacts...and we're set.

Eddie Dean: Jim Caveiziel

Suzannah: Sophie Okonedo

Susan Delgado: we have 2 nominations< Dakota Fanning and Alison

Sheemie: Michael Marisi Ornstein

Cort: Mickey Rourke

The Crimson King: Christopher Walken...........OH DISCORDIA!!!

Still looking for ideas on Jake (he is the hardest one to even think about right now....) Cuthbert and Alain, The Head Hunters....Randall Flagg... Callahan, Ted of course should be played by Anthony Hopkins again as he was in Hearts of Atlantis. It has the makings of an all star cast....I wish they would do them all in movies...and no tv shows....keep them epic like LOTR!!! I am so happy that Ron Howard is on board to direct....that right there proves that its going to be stellar....hopefully as much as the books!

6:17 PM

Sometimes things aren't perfect.

I've had an interest in paperclay dolls now for some time. I will admit that I have not done a lot of reading on them. Not because I haven't wanted to...I just haven't found the information that I am looking for I would guess. It seems there aren't a lot of paperclay doll tuts out there. I have a friend that makes them and more then anything I guess I would have learned from just watching her cute little videos that she puts on youtube! ((Hi Gia...aka Sugar Artz) I like her style of the dolls she creates...and yet i do NOT want to copy them. But I wanted to try it on my own. The only thing that made sense to me was styrofoam for an armature. Yes...I did do the cone and ball. I wanted to make a girl!! I've never worked with styrofoam really either...so this was a little challenge. But I will say I fell in LOVE with the paperclay...I even like DAS, as that's what I used on her dress. DAS is a P.I.T.A. for how fast it dries on your hands...paperclay is like heaven. I love paperclay now as much as I do polymer. I am not a sander. I HATE to sand anything. But I also like the rough texture too that paperclay leaves behind and I do my best to keep it as smooth as possible when working with it. Wow...it makes your hands work out too...I had a harder time smoothing the paperclay then I ever did with polymer, but I think I was using too much at a time. Anyhow...here is my little witch doll. She is not complete yet. I will still dress her more fully...cure the genesis paint I used on her and give her more features and better eyes (GOD it is HARD to make the eyes match in paperclay too...LOL) My doll has black dreds and will be holding up the triple moon goddess symbol when I am done. More pics to follow. But yes...one eye is bigger then the other....lol.....just like some people, all sculpts are not created equal. I'm gonna go with it, it what she seems to want me to do! And don't even ask me how to make arms...I have no clue...but someday I will know!

8:04 PM

Who says?? ((Beware..images of clay boobs and a butt))

I'm going to admit to a few things here. I become somewhat intimidated by a few things in the sculpting world. I really don't think its anything anyone does on purpose and partly some of it comes from wanting to do so much at once that I can't wrap my mind around any of it. There are so many beautiful fairies out there and yet my heart is with the uggos. I love the trolls and goblins and love to do them so much. BUT they tend not to be a very big challenge to me too and my heart yearns for something a bit harder to do. But, if you look at all the gorgeous sculptures of fairies out there...they are mostly all proportioned correctly...dainty and breath taking. I know a good deal of the collectors look for uniformity in dolls they collect too. Same with the artist associations.

But what if you can make a sculpt that is out of proportion and I mean well out of it and still make them beautiful? Who says they have to be a certain way?? Is this something we have all come to expect or is it out of the norm...I don't think there is any one person that dictates this sort of thing?? So I wonder why I am intimidated to do it?? I hope to accomplish this and make it my calling card. I think people want to see something different.  I welcome the idea of making them look a bit alien-ish....yet with human features. It's hard to explain...but I hope to have the first one done here very soon. I don't think you will notice a few of the  details that are out of proportion until I do a standing sculpt as this one is sitting but maybe a few people will pick it up. I am off to work on her now and will post pics later!!  Until then...keep cool!!

5:11 PM

Carmen Ellis from "Spooky Hollow" is giving away a Grimmy!!

This is so cool! Check out her site, you'll be very delighted with all the whimsical magic of her Halloween Art!! Go read her blog on directions on how to get there and how to enter for the doll. This may very well be the ONLY one she ever gives away.....Hurry!! Click here for her blog   Click here to go right to her site

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June 2010 Artist of the Month award. (Fantasy OOAK Creations Forum)

Yesterday I was bestowed the June Artist of the Month award. This gives me a warm fuzzy for sure. I've never won anything in my life other then a toaster when I was nine years old and 80 bucks on a scratch ticket. LOL. It's true. So thank you, Clare and everyone at Fantasy OOAK Creations for your recognition...you have made my year!! http://fantasyooakcreations.forumotion.com/forum.htm

2:05 AM

my demon, personified.

Her name is Silent Scream. Her story is of emotional pain that I've struggled to let go for many years and for many things. She is in a "Inner Demon" contest right now on ODA. I can't imagine being a judge for it...as we had to write our own personal stories that go with it and how it effects us. I've read the other stories and they are absolutely heartbreaking. As I said before, now its not really about winning anything in particular....its about putting that demon in front of you and being able to see it for what it is. So....here are my pictures. I welcome comments as always. And, just a little note, she is in a straight jacket as she feels her pains are never heard and that will drive anyone crazy. Her eyes are blacked out because she has seen her past and didn't like it, so now she is afraid of seeing ahead of her, or her future. Her screaming mouth represents real internal screaming for help....hoping someone can show her the way to healing.