6:17 PM

Sometimes things aren't perfect.

I've had an interest in paperclay dolls now for some time. I will admit that I have not done a lot of reading on them. Not because I haven't wanted to...I just haven't found the information that I am looking for I would guess. It seems there aren't a lot of paperclay doll tuts out there. I have a friend that makes them and more then anything I guess I would have learned from just watching her cute little videos that she puts on youtube! ((Hi Gia...aka Sugar Artz) I like her style of the dolls she creates...and yet i do NOT want to copy them. But I wanted to try it on my own. The only thing that made sense to me was styrofoam for an armature. Yes...I did do the cone and ball. I wanted to make a girl!! I've never worked with styrofoam really either...so this was a little challenge. But I will say I fell in LOVE with the paperclay...I even like DAS, as that's what I used on her dress. DAS is a P.I.T.A. for how fast it dries on your hands...paperclay is like heaven. I love paperclay now as much as I do polymer. I am not a sander. I HATE to sand anything. But I also like the rough texture too that paperclay leaves behind and I do my best to keep it as smooth as possible when working with it. Wow...it makes your hands work out too...I had a harder time smoothing the paperclay then I ever did with polymer, but I think I was using too much at a time. Anyhow...here is my little witch doll. She is not complete yet. I will still dress her more fully...cure the genesis paint I used on her and give her more features and better eyes (GOD it is HARD to make the eyes match in paperclay too...LOL) My doll has black dreds and will be holding up the triple moon goddess symbol when I am done. More pics to follow. But yes...one eye is bigger then the other....lol.....just like some people, all sculpts are not created equal. I'm gonna go with it, it what she seems to want me to do! And don't even ask me how to make arms...I have no clue...but someday I will know!