8:04 PM

Who says?? ((Beware..images of clay boobs and a butt))

I'm going to admit to a few things here. I become somewhat intimidated by a few things in the sculpting world. I really don't think its anything anyone does on purpose and partly some of it comes from wanting to do so much at once that I can't wrap my mind around any of it. There are so many beautiful fairies out there and yet my heart is with the uggos. I love the trolls and goblins and love to do them so much. BUT they tend not to be a very big challenge to me too and my heart yearns for something a bit harder to do. But, if you look at all the gorgeous sculptures of fairies out there...they are mostly all proportioned correctly...dainty and breath taking. I know a good deal of the collectors look for uniformity in dolls they collect too. Same with the artist associations.

But what if you can make a sculpt that is out of proportion and I mean well out of it and still make them beautiful? Who says they have to be a certain way?? Is this something we have all come to expect or is it out of the norm...I don't think there is any one person that dictates this sort of thing?? So I wonder why I am intimidated to do it?? I hope to accomplish this and make it my calling card. I think people want to see something different.  I welcome the idea of making them look a bit alien-ish....yet with human features. It's hard to explain...but I hope to have the first one done here very soon. I don't think you will notice a few of the  details that are out of proportion until I do a standing sculpt as this one is sitting but maybe a few people will pick it up. I am off to work on her now and will post pics later!!  Until then...keep cool!!

5:11 PM

Carmen Ellis from "Spooky Hollow" is giving away a Grimmy!!

This is so cool! Check out her site, you'll be very delighted with all the whimsical magic of her Halloween Art!! Go read her blog on directions on how to get there and how to enter for the doll. This may very well be the ONLY one she ever gives away.....Hurry!! Click here for her blog   Click here to go right to her site