2:05 AM

my demon, personified.

Her name is Silent Scream. Her story is of emotional pain that I've struggled to let go for many years and for many things. She is in a "Inner Demon" contest right now on ODA. I can't imagine being a judge for it...as we had to write our own personal stories that go with it and how it effects us. I've read the other stories and they are absolutely heartbreaking. As I said before, now its not really about winning anything in particular....its about putting that demon in front of you and being able to see it for what it is. So....here are my pictures. I welcome comments as always. And, just a little note, she is in a straight jacket as she feels her pains are never heard and that will drive anyone crazy. Her eyes are blacked out because she has seen her past and didn't like it, so now she is afraid of seeing ahead of her, or her future. Her screaming mouth represents real internal screaming for help....hoping someone can show her the way to healing.