4:29 PM

aha, I have been reminded!!

A little while ago I was perusing some of my favorite blogs and I believe it was Wendie Hurrell that said I needed to post some of my older sculpts on my blog so I could share them with my readers (said while welcoming me to the blog world on her blog page, thank you for that as well...very kind of you!!). So that's exactly what I am going to do. Thanks Wendie!!  (All have been sold except the magnets and those won't be for sale until after the middle of this November :) ) Please excuse any mess on my desk...back then I was more practicing then anything and wasn't too concerned with [pictures like I am now. And I am a right brained artist after all!! ;)

 Fast Eddie...with no clothes...for some reason I can't find any pics of him clothed!
 Brother and Sister Commissioned sculpt
 My Inner Demon. Not for sale.
 Grumpy old man magnet.
 SMILE magnet
 I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this poor uggo....
 Hippie dude magnet....chillaxin'! (with bad comb over!)
 Blueberry Kisses....not available
 Old Gypsy Lady.....sold.
 Awahili the hula girl....commissioned
Daisy the Elf Bride....Mascot for Tawnis Moon....now known as One Crazy Betty!!


WendiesMiniWorld said...

ahhh thats better ...piccies! now the world can see more of your cheery personality, Fast Eddie made me smile being all nakee :o)
at least now you are in the habit of uploading pics, you wont have to wory about losing them again. I just lost 6 months of pics somehow, but at least some of my favourites ones were backed up online!

:::Heather~Leigh::: said...

Oh, girl you aren't kidding there. i lost some pics of nature spirits (stuff I find in nature that's pretty cool) last year and now I can't get back up to the area to retake them. I could just kick myself!! But thank you very much for the reminder~~