9:51 AM

I have survived! And I am GRATEFUL!

I was sitting here this morning, thinking about how long its been since my surgery. It dawned on me that I had it in November, around the 20th, for some reason that day really pops in my head. If it wasn't that day, well it was close enough. Then I realized that its been a little over 9 years since they took that quarter sized calcified, cancerous tumor along with my thyroid, as of this year. Although MOST thyroid cancer is the easiest to treat and one of the slower growing cancers...it's still cancerous all the same. It's still SCARY, especially when I had known about having a tumor for EIGHT freaking YEARS before I (was forced) had a biopsy done on it. Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with the thought of having a needle pushed into the base of my throat, especially 5 different times while the nurse helped hold me down. In hindsight, I wish I would have had it biopsied way earlier then that. All I did in the end was make things much more uncomfortable and painful, by waiting. I still remember when my Endocrinologist called with the the biopsy results. The shock that jolted through my brain and body was like no other that I had ever experienced in my life, to that point. I was a mother of a 3 year old son and an 8 year old step-son. I, of course, had no idea that I was going to be fine but that didn't stop the heartache of thinking that I might not be here for my kids. I think its common for the life expectancy to be a 5 year survival rate for most thyroid cancer patients, just protocol mainly. But I beat it. It wasn't something I was ever sure of until recently because I had only had 1 I131 scan after my RAI (radio active Iodine) treatment was done, mainly due to not having health insurance. (Normally, the Oncologist and Endocrinologist tend to like having that scan done 2 times a year for a few years then once a year for a few years after that, just to see how things are going, or so I've been told) But through recent blood tests, it looks as if I am cancer free. So YAY, now, I am positive that the right Doctor will come along and will be able to adjust my thyroid levels and adrenal gland issues and I will a step closer to being on top of the world soon. I think I will cross my fingers for that to push it through a little faster then normal.

But anyhow, here I am. The boys (adult and children sized) still get to put up with me :)- Poor Babies. Eehhhh....I think they'll pull through. I am extremely grateful that I am still a part of their lives and they are a huge part of mine. Same goes with the rest of the family and friends that I hold dear.

So today, I am concentrating on my art and the fact that I am so grateful that I am still kicking. It sure as hell beats being on the other side of the grass!